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Religion and Spirituality in Africa

Are you passionate about exploring the rich and diverse religious and spiritual practices across Africa? We are seeking co-panelists to join us in a stimulating discussion on the theme of “Religion and Spirituality in Africa.” 

This panel aims at examining the miscellaneous aspects of religion and spirituality within the African context. From traditional beliefs to the influence of Christianity, Islam, and other religions, we seek to uncover the unique expressions of faith, rituals, and their socio-cultural significance.

Topics of Discussion May Include: 

• The role of religion in shaping African identities and communities. 

• Syncretism and hybridity in African spiritual practices.

 • The impact of colonialism and globalization on indigenous African religions. 

• Contemporary challenges and opportunities facing religious communities in Africa. 

Please consider submitting your paper to thiawdabandella77@gmail.com no later than March 10.