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Political Economy of Development

This panel examines topics related to the political economy of development in contemporary African economies. Political Economy – especially macro- and sectoral political economy studies from a heterodox perspective – is often a neglected subjected within African studies conferences. This panel hopes to be a space for dicussions on contemporary African political economy from scholars of all career stages. 
Possible topics could include:
1) The Political Economy of Contemporary Macro-Development Trajectories (e.g. the political underpinnings of or political implications of contempoary services-led development)
2) The Politics of African Developmental States
3) The Political Economy of State-Business Relations
4) The Political Economy of Finance and/or Financialisation and/or Subordinate Financialisation
5) The Politics of Industrial Policy
6) The Political Economy of Agrarian Transitions
7) The Politics of Upgrading within Global Value Chains/Global Production Networks
8) The Political Economy of Energy Transitions or Green Industrial Policy

Please send titles, abstracts and author information to my email address (pritish.behuria@manchester.ac.uk) by Friday, 15 March.