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Decolonizing Tourism

How can we decolonize tourism? Let’s discuss examples from the continent including my work in Tanzania.
Organizer’s bio: Laura DeLuca, Ph.D. is a cultural anthropologist who is passionate about community conservation in northern Tanzania. She is a faculty member in the Stories and Societies Residential Academic Program at the University of Colorado-Boulder. DeLuca is also the Director of the Global Seminar Tanzania, an anthropology study abroad program in Tanzania. She is the co-author of Lost Girl Found (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18249423-lost-girl-found)and the co-editor of Building Peace from Within: An Examination of Community-based Peacebuilding and Transitions in Africa (2014) editor with Sylvester Maphosa and Alphonse Keasley (https://www.amazon.com/Building-Peace-Within-Sylvester-Maphosa/dp/0798304405) She recently met amazing female conservation leaders and learned more about diverse voices in conservation at the Pathways Human Dimensions of Conservation conference at the Brackenhurst Ecolodge in Limuru Kenya in 2020. Follow her on instagram cu.tanzaniaglobalseminar. She has launched a company called Discover with DeLuca.

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