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Conflict in the Great Lakes: Problems, Perspectives, New Research

Panel Leaders and Discussants: Patrick Boyle Ph. D and Brian Endless, Ph. D, both from the Department of Political Science, Loyola University Chicago
The Panel invites 2 or 3 additional scholars, most likely in political science to join Boyle and Endless in sharing their work on conflict in this region. Tentative titles for papers by Boyle and Endless are 

Patrick Boyle, “The African Union and Conflict in the Great Lakes: Key Interactions and Lessons on the Limitations of an Emerging International Organization.”
Brian Endless, “”Rwandan involvement in perpetuating the conflict in the DRC.”

The panel will limit the number of papers to 5.

All inquiries and paper proposals should be sent to Patrick Boyle by March 11, 2024 at pboyle@luc.edu