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Asia and Africa in Emerging World Order: Opportunities and Contested South-South Cooperation

Africa of today is global Africa It is deeply connected with developed, emerging, and developing countries worldwide. Africa’s emergence as a destination of interest is significantly shaping the ongoing global discourse and reshaping the existing global order.
Africa views this engagement as both an opportunity and a challenge, seeking to align its growth, independence, and position in the evolving global order. Countries like China offer attractive alternatives in financial and commodity price support, diverging from traditional powers.
India is a significant trade partner for Africa, advocating for human rights development and capacity building. Additionally, countries such as Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia have opened new avenues of opportunity for Africa. However, they also want the same resources and market share in trade, leading to competition in these areas. Traditional powers and developed countries are still the major economic linkages of African countries but they are witnessing political diplomatic hostility from many African countries.
In the evolving global landscape, Global Africa aspires to assert its autonomy and sovereignty in navigating the new world order. This panel aims to explore how Asian involvement with Africa empowers African nations to become influencers and significant players in shaping the emerging global order. Simultaneously, Asian countries must demonstrate their commitment to supporting Africa through a Global South approach, ensuring that their engagement fosters mutual benefit and development rather than establishing a new hierarchical order dominated by a single hegemonic entity.

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