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African Music and Popular Culture in a Globalizing World

In a globalizing world, African music and popular cultures continue to reshape cultural landscapes, transcending geographical boundaries and contributing significantly to the global music scene. This panel highlights their unique cultural roots and the ways in which they navigate and assimilate within the global popular culture sphere. Looking at causative factors such as immigration, collaborations, and the impact of technology through the internet and social media, this panel sheds light on the dissemination and consumption of African music and popular cultures worldwide. It explores how the digital era, facilitated by unprecedented access to diverse musical traditions, enables artists from the continent to connect with audiences far beyond their local spheres, the visibility of practitioners, and cross-cultural collaborations, leading to hybridized and innovative musical expressions. Notable issues are potential challenges that arise in these exchanges, such as cultural appropriation, commodification, and the preservation of “authenticity,” which are examined within the framework of a rapidly evolving globalized music industry. Through a multidimensional analysis, this panel seeks to illuminate the complex dynamics shaping African music and popular cultures in the contemporary global cultural landscape.

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