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2024 Call for Co-Panelists

Democracy and Dictatorship in Africa and Latin America

Democracies in Africa and Latin America share many common challenges: weak institutional foundations, dissatisfied voters, strong presidents who exploit incumbency […]

Africa’s Environment in Atlantic History

Atlantic environmental history has become an established subfield among scholars of the Atlantic world to highlight the overlaps between the […]

Gender, Sexuality and Memory

Our panel will focus on literary, visual, and other cultural productions as acts of memory and memorialization that code and […]

Fight of the Century: The Rumble in the Jungle 50 years on

In the year marking the 50th anniversary of 1974’s Rumble in the Jungle, we invite papers responding to this Cold […]

Religion and Spirituality in Africa

Are you passionate about exploring the rich and diverse religious and spiritual practices across Africa? We are seeking co-panelists to […]

Representations of Women in Third Generation African and African-American Novels

Third generation African and African-American writers are defined as those who are born within the 1960’s and beyond; whose literary […]

Competing and Coexisting Vernaculars in Science, Technology, and Health in Africa

Various individuals and groups have laid claim to expertise in scientific, technological, and medical domains in different parts of Africa […]

Forced International Migration In Southern Africa

Forced international migration has been a key feature in southern Africa owing to various factors which include economic collapse, political […]

Feminist Amefricanity: Resistance and Representation in Contemporary Cultural Production

In 1988, Afro-Brazilian anthropologist Lélia Gonzalez advocated for a paradigm shift in her essay “A Categoria Político-Cultural de Amefricanidade” (“The […]

Decolonial letters

A trivial fact about colonial infrastructure in Africa: most colonial railroads led to the sea. This unilateral and unidirectional organization […]
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