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Building Resilience: Financing Sustainable Development in Africa through Innovation, Partnerships, & Communities

Building resilience through sustainable development in Africa requires innovative financing mechanisms that foster partnerships and community engagement. This panel aims to discuss these issues and identify strategies for financing sustainable development in Africa when these issues are more pressing than ever.

With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating development challenges in Africa, innovative approaches to financing sustainable development are urgently needed. Funders like USAID, with its recently revised “Local Capacity Strengthening Policy,” which I write about on my LinkedIn page, are actively seeking new ways to support growth in Africa. This panel provides an opportunity to explore emerging models and approaches that can deliver impact at scale.

Innovation is critical to overcoming development challenges in Africa. The panel will explore how innovative financing mechanisms can leverage technology, private sector investment, social impact investment, etc., to mobilize the resources needed for sustainable development.

Partnerships are also essential for building resilience in complex and interrelated development challenges. The panel will discuss how public-private partnerships, collaborations between civil society organizations, and cooperation between African nations and their international partners can help to leverage resources and expertise to achieve shared development goals.

Finally, the panel will emphasize the importance of community engagement in sustainable development. Locally-led development informed by the needs and priorities of communities is crucial for building resilience and ensuring that development efforts are sustainable and effective.

The panel invites experts and stakeholders from across Africa and beyond to share their insights and experiences in financing sustainable development. Join us to explore innovative approaches and generate actionable insights and solutions to drive positive change in Africa.

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