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Anti-Apartheid Movements in the United States

The struggle against apartheid remains perhaps one of the most important and wide-ranging civil human rights struggles of the twentieth century. Moreover, the movement created a new transnational political culture in the late twentieth century, which moved beyond the African continent and included individuals from all walks of life, most notably in the United States. This panel will hope to bring together scholars of the anti-apartheid movement into a broader conversation about the United State’s role in the struggle, whether in the form of the divestment campaign, popular protests, civilian activism, or local, state, or national political action.
The panel organizer has worked extensively on anti-apartheid movements in Florida in the 1980s and encourages paper topics that expand upon this topic from a thematic, temporal, or geographic context.

Please email Jacob Ivey (Florida Memorial University) your proposals by March 28, 2023, at jacobivey@gmail.com