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2023 Call for Panelists

Food Sovereignty in Africa

Food sovereignty, formally defined in Mali in 2007, “ is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food […]

Environmental and climate writing in African and its diasporas literatures

In the great derangement, the award-winning Indian author Amitav Gosh posits that the climate crisis is a crisis of culture […]

Christian Leaders and the State in Africa: Religious Field, Moral Authority, Politicization

Scholarship on the relations between Christianity and politics in postcolonial Africa has generally focused on the individual and social transformations […]

Gender(ing) Philosophy in the Senegambia

Oyèrónké Oyéwùmmí argues that “gender is actually more about gendering – a process – than about something inherent in social […]

Building Resilience: Financing Sustainable Development in Africa through Innovation, Partnerships, & Communities

Building resilience through sustainable development in Africa requires innovative financing mechanisms that foster partnerships and community engagement. This panel aims […]

States on the Move: Circulation, Mobility and Power in Africa

Discussions about political order in Africa are often still dominated by a narrow conventional understanding in which political formations are […]

The Gender Question in Conservation in Africa?

The Gender Question in Conservation in Africa? The history of wildlife conservation in Africa illustrates a long legacy of practice […]

Embodiment and Land Loss: Gender, Disability, Age

Embodiment and Land Loss: Gender, Disability, Age ‘Land-grabbing’ is increasingly gaining headlines across Africa, as global and local processes of […]

Sexuality and Gender through Africa

Sexuality and Gender through Africa This panel seeks articles that reflect on issues of gender and sexuality through and alongside […]

Rethinking Property and Property Disputes in Africa

Questions about property and property disputes have been central to African history and African studies more broadly. Studies of a […]
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