I am seeking 2-3 presenters and a chair and/or discussant for a panel that examines gendered representations of the past in sites of public history and in collectively memory in Africa. I welcome papers that discuss methods and theories for examining the gendered production of knowledge via archives, oral history, collective memory, and public history. I am interested in the power in the production of histories that include (or exclude) women in public sites and commemorations. What makes some historical narratives about women powerful enough to become public history? How do different publics and constituencies gender the past in the present? How do communities and individuals produce complex and conflicting narratives about how women participated in historical processes?

I will contribute a paper on contemporary representations of signares on Gorée Island (Senegal).

If you would like to join this panel, please send (via [email protected]) your name, email address, phone number, and institutional affiliation along with your paper title, and a 200-word abstract before midnight (PST) on Sunday March 13, 2022. I will respond to potential panelists on March 14th.

Please note: All panelists must pre-register for the ASA annual meeting prior to the March 15, 2022 submission deadline. (The pre-registration fee is refundable if our panel is rejected)