Octavia Butler’s famous quote, “There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns,” captures the ongoing tension between optimism and pessimism that often defines the quest of emerging scholars to break new grounds in the production and dissemination of their research. Despite working at the frontlines of novel knowledge production, this crop of scholars often does not receive the visibility that much of their work deserves. This panel invites contributions from emerging scholars* currently involved in groundbreaking and cutting-edge scholarship with the potential of imagining new ‘suns’ or perspectives on global Africa. We prompt reflections on questions such as: In what ways are emerging scholars redefining the continent’s role as a central epistemic actor on the global stage? What interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary mobilities are yielding fresh insights to emerging scholars? What creative envisioning of content, methodology, scale and contexts currently drive compelling research? What social, political, environmental, economic, cultural and digital horizons will mark African scholarship in the coming decade? What challenges do the study of indigenous knowledge, cultural expressions, ecologies, historical trends, gender dynamics, health and social science concerns, political mobilizations, literary production and economic and social change among economically unequal and spatially diverse populations pose and what solutions do they proffer?

*Emerging scholars are defined here as graduate students and early-career professions within 5 years of completing a terminal degree.

Please submit proposals to [email protected] by March 25th.