Imagining Otherwise is co-organized with Dr. Dorothy Atuhura, Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda.

Our panel seeks papers that engage with works that imagine other worlds and ways of being, and how the imagination underpins attempts to engage in social transformations in sub-Saharan Africa. These explorations might encompass critical analyses, literary and visual art, performances, protests, or social media that imagine and impel different ways of living. We will consider some of the feelings (hope, anxiety, despair, rage, love, longing, pleasure) that galvanize dreams of other communities, relations, and worlds and how activists and social movements seek to enact them. We will further examine the futures imagined as different from and better than the present–the here and now–and how they draw from understandings of the past. How do such imaginings demand a radical revision of existing systems and structures, and a rethinking of time and space? To what extent are such futures desirable, and to whom, and how are they to be realized?

Please submit 200-word abstracts to [email protected] and [email protected] by March 25th.