Practices of managing hygiene have long preoccupied colonial and post-colonial authorities, particularly in designing space and controlling populations in African cities. This panel explores different discourses on hygiene, and practices of hygiene-making during the time of COVID. Focusing specifically on urban areas on the continent, these studies illuminate the roles of power in relation to different tiers of the state, citizens, and non-state organizations in renewing hygiene as a potent discursive practice in African cities. How do practices of power interact with the policing of hygiene during a time of COVID? What have been the impacts of these practices of power on rights to the city? Finally, how does hygiene serve as a generative milieu for both renewal and resistance, during and beyond this time of pandemics?

Hygiene, African cities, power, pandemics, rights to the city.

Please send abstracts to Shakirah Hudani at email: [email protected] by March 30, 5pm PST.