With the expansion of global production networks in many regions of Africa, more and more women are becoming employed in low-skilled and labor-intensive jobs. Such employment offers women an income that they may not have had otherwise. At the same time, such work can be exploitative creating difficult work and life circumstances. Such conditions affect women’s well-being and are even more pronounced during a global crisis such as the COVID pandemic that results disruption in global value chains. Most existing studies on workers in the global value chain focus on the work context and how it impacts production and effectiveness of the network while giving less emphasis on the wellbeing of the workers at the bottom of the network.

This panel seeks submissions that explore the wellbeing of African women in global value chains, and in particular, studies that look into relational well-being, that lays emphasis on how women draw strength and resilience through their connections and relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and the wider environment. We are interested in works that reflect the voices of the women.

Please send your abstract to Konjit H. Gudeta at [email protected] by March 27, 2021.