Nigerians have been protesting for years against police brutality and impunity, so why did the October 2020 #EndSARS social movement gain local and global attention and support at a scale never seen before? What made October 2020 an opportune time for the emergence of #EndSARS? Why and how did #EndSARS protests succeed where others had failed? How have the actions and agency of #EndSARS protesters been framed: deviant and disruptive (as per usual framings of youth protests in Africa) or as an important site and catalyst for radical social change? How has the Nigerian government responded to the #EndSARS campaign? What does #EndSARS tell us about the capacity and creative potential of Nigerians in extremis in not only rising up but in restructuring and reinventing order? How should we think about the roles of social media and civil society? Is there a gender dimension to be considered? What are the prospects of #EndSARS evolving into a broader movement for social change in Nigeria? What is the legacy of #EndSARS, and what comes next?

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