The crises of 2020 have increased attention to the multitude of precarities faced by marginalized populations around the world. Yet as we know, economic, social and physical hardship, as well as their attendant uncertainties, are nothing new to the human condition. African women in particular have lived under a host of intersecting challenges historically and through to the present. In the midst of various hardships, however, individuals and communities continue to create meaning, build relationships, provide for their families, and pursue joy. This panel seeks scholars exploring modes of female resistance and resilience across the African continent (and its diasporas). Ideally bringing together a range of disciplines and geographic cases, I hope our conversation will highlight the hope and inventiveness that have always been a feature of African communities in the midst of real challenges and hardships. I am especially interested in papers that highlight unexpected methods and tools for women’s resilience and that move beyond survival to explore experiences of play, joy, love, and creativity.

Please email Beth Ann Williams at: [email protected] Deadline: March 22.