Professor Holly Hanson, who has asked lots of us very good questions, and listened thoughtfully to everyone with some ideas about Uganda, will soon be retiring from Mount Holyoke College, reading page proofs (I hope) of her long awaited new book on Uganda, and heading off on a new stage in her career.
Since she is planning to attend this ASA in Washington in November and celebrate her new book, this seems like the perfect time to put something together to mark her career’s work and community-building, and how it has been both foundational and an ongoing part of the 21st century blooming of Ugandan Studies.

I propose a panel or roundtable that would look at some of the key concepts Holly Hanson’s work has put forward, especially those picked up and used in further work.

Please email me, Carol Summers, if interested in participating, Lsummers[at]

Expressions of interest as soon as possible (say by 5 March at the latest) so I know if this is viable… We may be doing this through the Uganda Studies group rather than this portal, so please contact the listserve, or me, if eager to be involved.  As ideas evolve, I’ll get back to anyone who emails me.