Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (especially Goal 16) remains a global priority among policy makers and development practitioners within the domain of peace and security studies. It has become evidence that sustainable peacebuilding can only become possible when it is anchored on local realities, epistemologies, ownership, and culturally-driven knowledge systems. In line with this imperative, the African Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) has begun to prioritize innovative and cutting-edge research that has the potential to offer alternative narratives to peacebuilding discourses in Africa beyond dominant western-centric frameworks. An important enterprise that APN has invested in over the years has been in the area of developing and harnessing the knowledge base of emerging African scholars who are equipped with relevant data to challenge and disrupt claims to knowledge and authority in peacebuilding discourses. Against this background, this panel proposes to approach peacebuilding as an intersecting discourse that involves paying critical attention to multiple issues, contestations, and plural knowledges. The papers in this panel are intended to critically interrogate and reflect on the contribution of APN to global peacebuilding discourses. The panel welcomes empirical and theoretical papers with the potential to offer new possibilities on how APN could be leveraged on as an important intellectual hub in fostering and promoting Africa(n)centered knowledge production on sustainable peacebuilding. While the panel is open to presenters interested in peacebuilding broadly, current and past grantees of APN are strongly encouraged to submit their APN-related research.

Proposals should consist of a title and an abstract of 200 words maximum. All submissions should be sent to Isaac Dery (idery38[at] by Monday, 9 March 2020. Prospective participants are encouraged to pre-register for the African Studies Association conference by March 15, 2020.