Achas Burin, University of Oxford

This panel explores the theme of the Annual Meeting – “Being, Belonging and Becoming” – through the perspective of trust. Trust may exist within intimate relationships or it may characterise a broader social dynamic. One instantaneous way to ‘belong’ is if you are trusted. Indigenous scholars, such as Taiake Alfred (2011), have emphasised how the idea of arms-length relationships that pervade Western conceptions of society are quite often inappropriate for other contexts. At the same time, peoples who have been colonised may have more reason to distrust. Betrayal is the antithesis of trust. This panel is intended to explore what role trust plays in creating a sense of belonging; how trust may impact lives that are precarious and vulnerable; what betrayal could mean in a postcolonial context, and related questions. Papers are invited from any discipline with a perspective on this issue.

Please email [email protected] with paper proposals (subject line: ASA Annual Meeting) by 2 March 2019.