Devin Leigh, The University of California, Davis

This panel will address the question of why and how people have chosen to write about African History or African Studies throughout time. My paper focuses on the relationship between the production of African History and the debates about the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the eighteenth century. I am seeking fellow panelists who are interested in exploring other contexts that have inspired people to write about Africa in either the past or the present. Since my paper focuses on the precolonial period, I think that it would be fruitful to have panelists who are focusing on the colonial and post-colonial periods. Such panelists may discuss overall contexts which inspired the production of knowledge about Africa during these periods, or they may focus on particular scholars in order to present a case study about why certain people turned to the study of Africa at particular moments rather than others. Most importantly, panelists should shed light on what has motivated people to pursue and publish knowledge about Africa throughout time.

If you are interested in joining this panel, please write to Devin Leigh at dtleigh[at] by 1 March.

Thank you.