Sarah Westwood, Universitat de Lleida

This panel will focus on the historical and popular imagination of African militaries, including national armies, non-state forces, warriors in the service of royal or religious orders, mercenary groups, etc. Each paper should compare the history of these military actors with popular representations in artistic depictions, whether contemporary or historical. Representations might include paintings, photography, films, novels, songs, or other media.

Participants should also consider how popular depictions of the military create or provoke debates in the public sphere; the effect of these works on contemporary understandings of the relationship between the military and the state, or the military and religious movements, broadly defined; or the illumination of gendered, socioeconomic, ethnic, or other divisions through the lens of the military. Analyses of society through additional theoretical frameworks are welcome.

The goal of this panel is to present interdisciplinary studies that concern a variety of different artistic mediums; African states, kingdoms, or regions; and historical periods.

For example, my paper focuses on the historical and popular imagination of ceɗɗo in Senegal through its most famous popular depiction: the 1977 film of Senegalese auteur Ousmane Sembène, Ceddo, which centered on the relationship between Islam, Wolof culture, and European intervention prior to the colonial period.

Please send a 200-word abstract to Sarah Davis Westwood ([email protected]) by 5 March 2019.