Chima Korieh, Marquette University

This announcement is a call for papers for a proposed panel at the African Studies Association annual meeting in Boston taking place from 20 to 24 November 2019.

The twentieth century witnessed two major global conflicts-the First and Second World Wars. This panel seeks to recount the extraordinary and often neglected story of Africa peoples who were drawn into the First and Second World Wars, the enormous demands made on their resources, and how the war transformed their lives and their societies. Participants are welcome to present on topics that are informed and situated within multiple contextual and theoretical frames – colonialism, race, gender, identity, labor, children’s experiences, intellectual, and social history. Topics that focus on different regions and colonial contexts, cooperation among imperials powers, the role of African soldiers and civilians, including women and children are welcome.
My own presentation will focus the contributions of the civilian population in Nigeria to British and Allied war effort. Using petitions written ordinary by Nigerians during the Second World War, I will relate how Nigerian men and women responded to colonial wartime policies. The personal, and often intimate, petitions of Nigerians paint a unique portrait of a rough-and-tumbled time; but they also, provide valuable sources for evaluating the public opinion, self-assertion, and local intellectual production during the war.

Please send an abstract of roughly 200 words to Chima J. Korieh, at chima.korieh[at] by 28 February 2019.