Resilient Pan-Africanism: Rethinking the Roots of a Global Movement
Sub-theme: Civil Society Activism and Social Movements
Pan-Africanism ideologies resonates resonate today among twenty-first African youth as a rallying cry against the scourges of Western military interventions and meddling with internal affairs, (post-)electoral conflicts, and exploitation of natural resources. Across linguistic, cultural, and religious boundaries, Pan-Africanism is the strongest belief uniting Africans against the forms of neocolonialism. Yet we can assume that this ideology would not survive into this century characterized by African governments’ embrace of neoliberal policies as well the African Union’s failure to realize its founding fathers’ dream.
It is therefore important to revisit the roots of Pan-Africanism from novel perspectives. This panel seeks to examine Pan-Africanism from a bottom-up approach, thus leaving space for discussions on gender, race, ethnicity, geographies, and many more topics. Challenging the previous visions of the ideology that confined it to the American, Caribbean, and European Diaspora as well as African Anglophone countries, this panel will expand the geography to include Francophone and Lusophone blacks from Africa and the Diaspora as well as stretch the timeline to bridge the movement with the Harlem Renaissance, on the one hand, and the current youth mobilizations in Africa and the Diaspora against racialized capitalism and neocolonialism. Please contact Harry Odamtten (Santa Clara University) by email [email protected]