Power, Pressure and Propulsion: Internal Combustion Engines in the African Experience
Sub-theme: Human Mobilities: Migration, Transportation and Globalization
The panel seeks to combine historical and ethnographic perspectives on the material and spiritual mechanics at work in the everyday lives of internal combustion engines (ICEs). We seek to combine fine-grained accounts of the social lives and dependencies of these technological building blocks of mobility, transportation, and industrial/agricultural production, which nowadays seem irreplaceable. We are interested in local ontologies of energy and power, mechanical apprenticeship cultures, and in the social construction of technology, in order to acquire a better picture of the social and cultural work that ICE’s carry out as agents of energy in, and in between, urban and rural, public and domestic everyday lives. Please contact Peter Lambertz (German Historical Institute Paris – CREPOS, Dakar) asap by e-mail: [email protected] Two panelists have already been identified.