Power, Creativity, and Reconceptualizing the Early African Past
Sub-theme: History and Archaeology
This panel brings together new research exploring creative responses to energy flows in the form of resources, human labor, allegiance, and intellectualism in the early African past. We are deeply interested in the intersections of power and the ways in which past African societies conceptualized and organized themselves. We seek to apply the creativity of interdisciplinary research to move beyond assumptions of static, rigid, or Western categories of difference and hierarchy in early Africa to highlight instead historic Africans’ understandings of their organizing principles. With our respective case-studies, our panel questions, explores, and redefines how various historic Africans conceptualized the energies that organized their societies – from notions of gender, group affinity, and language to cosmologies. Our papers speak both to new approaches and new research in different regions of Africa.  Please be in touch if interested by Wednesday 3/14 so we can quickly finalize and submit our panel proposal within the deadline. Please email both co-organizers, Andrea Felber Seligman ([email protected]) and Raevin Jimenez ([email protected]).