Reframing the Reach of Archaeology in Ghana: Commemorating James Anquandah (1938-2017)
Sub-theme: Special Topics
In honor of James Anquandah, the first Ghanaian archaeologist at the University of Ghana-Legon (1938-2017), this panel will assemble the work of scholars who have been influenced by his methodology, scholarship, and mentorship. Early in his career, Anquandah set out to reconstruct the story of Ghana’s past—extending its temporal depth beyond the convenience of written records while integrating oral history with his analysis of long-buried objects. His training provided the foundation for Archaeology and Heritage Studies to flourish in Ghana, but his influence extended well beyond the boundaries of his discipline. Anquandah mentored scholars in ethnomusicology, anthropology, art history, linguistics, and history, inspiring new approaches and refining questions that guide research in and about Ghana. If Professor Anquandah significantly shaped your approach to scholarship, consider submitting an abstract for a panel commemorating his contributions to Ghana Studies.  Please send short, 200 word abstracts for use in the panel proposal by Monday, March 12 to Ebony Coletu at [email protected]