Influences and Identities of the “Greater Senegambia”
Sub-theme: Global Africa
In his book, Senegambia and the Atlantic Slave Trade (1998), Boubacar Barry draws attention to the key significance of the vast area that he identifies as “the Greater Senegambia.” According to Barry, this area “comprises a West African region bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Sahara desert, the Savanna grasslands and the Equatorial forest” (xi). Although the scholarship on “the Greater Senegambia” is massive, recent works dealing with the influences between its various parts as well as those between such areas and the Black Diaspora are scant. Drawing from the pioneer scholarship on the historical and cultural influences within Senegambian societies and the impact of such societies on the traditions of Blacks of the Diaspora, this panel seeks to understand new or insufficiently explored aspects of such influences.

This panel’s name partly derives from Toby Green’s 2016 essay, “Identities in ‘Greater Senegambia’ and Beyond History and Music in Dialogue” which, alongside other key publications, such as those of Barry, John Storm Roberts, Banning Eyre, Lamine Sanneh, Sylviane A. Diouf, Ibrahima Seck, and many other scholars, can help us to further study the past and contemporary importance of this African region. Drawing on the multiple ways in which “the Greater Senegambia” has been represented in various fields, this panel also seeks to reveal the complex cultures and histories of this part of the African continent. Stemming from multiples disciplines, the papers of this panel will examine various aspects of Senegambia’s peoples and traditions.

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