Yet, a close examination reveals that many projects have either failed or remain stalled. This slow operationalization of land deals has notably been attributed to the decline in global oil prices and the associated burst of the biofuel bubble, as well as to the increase in social mobilization and resistance to large-scale land acquisitions. Further research is required to better understand the complex realities of land deals on the ground, particularly the reasons behind and the implications of land deals ‘in limbo.’

This panel seeks papers that investigate:
a) the causes of interrupted or discontinued land deals in rural Africa;
b) the roles of diverse political actors and institutions in governing large-scale land acquisitions that are caught in-between project design and implementation; and/or
c) the ways in which rural populations experience and respond to living in the midst of uncertainty created by stalled land deals or the departure of companies.

Please send your abstract (250 words) to Youjin Brigitte Chung (ybc6[at] and Marie Gagné (marie.gagne[at]utoronto) by March 12, 2017. Please include your name, affiliation, email address, paper title, and a short bio.