What are the contours of mobility and change in Saharawi culture and society, and how has the practice and meaning of these contours changed over time? This panel seeks to explore this topic of mobility and change as it pertains to difference in Saharawi daily lives that are enacted and/or highlighted via processes of socialization, acculturation, adaptation, co-construction, and/or environmental, educational, economic, political, military, social, legal and mediated opportunities and constraints that have and continue to alter local and transnational contexts, and in turn, prospects, preferences and projections for the future of Saharawi praxis, being, and meaning.
In seeking panelists, I encourage papers from a variety of disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological perspectives that take either a micro or macro approach. I am looking for papers that explore the enactment and/or highlighting of these differences in Saharawi daily life across an array of domains that include (but are not limited to): (1) the lifespan, from childhood through adulthood; (2) media practices, uses and expressions, (3) generationally, from past generation/s to the current generation; (4) mobility, across nomadism/(forced-) migration and sedentarization; (5) (forced-)migration, across space, both before and after the formation of the so-called “international system”; (6) economically and environmentally, spanning past to currently existing policies, and job and professional practices and opportunities; (7) politically, spanning change in public opinion and national and state conceptual orientations; (8) militarily, spanning change from past to current military practices and objectives; and (9) educationally, spanning change in educational curriculum and policy.

For consideration, please email your name, email address, phone number, academic affiliation, paper title and a 200-word abstract by March 7th to Yael Warshel ([email protected]). Likewise, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.