African Development Bank (ADB) revealed its energy plan at the 2016 World Economic Forum meetings in Davos. This is the “New Deal on Energy for Africa: A transformative partnerships to light up and power Africa by 2025. While the importance of increasing energy security and access is widely accepted, the financing challenge is daunting. In order to understand financing challenges facing the energy sector in Africa a review of various financing mechanism will be undertaken. This workshop focuses on financing for renewable energy, that is, hydropower, bio-energy, coal, oil and gas and nuclear energy. To date, an expansive variety of energy products and services has been developed in various parts of the world. On the consumer side, opportunities arise from the fact that today’s energy consumer is digitally engaged. Energy providers have capitalized on this and through digital finance greater business value is generated. In this workshop, financing mechanisms are explored and selected case studies are profiled. From these, the risks and opportunities in digital finance for energy are identified.

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