The roundtable intends to deal with the urgent issues related to the Presidential, parliamentary, and a sleuth of local elections that by the D.R. the Congo’s constitution, should have been on the path of taking place. In yet an African political landscape where heads of state through a set of parliamentary or less transparent strategies have been attempting to emulate their one-party predecessors who hang on to power—almost with the same political discourse of the need for stability—with disastrous results, a gridlock of wills seems to be slowly trekking to (un)-predictable ends. This confrontation pits a vociferous and multi-layered (fractured?) opposition, on the on the one hand, and a ruling party that speaks through a set of surrogate individuals and pseudo allies, on the other.

The D. R. of the Congo is once again at an ominous crossroad, and again the object of a looming serious invitation with History, either to reiterate the (widely) decried deceptions of its neighbors (Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Angola) by witnessing the ruling authorities to desperately clink to power (the wumela claim, the proponents of stabilty, or by allowing a credible path to the “alternance” phase to kick in as intended by the constitution. The Roundtable will deal with these thorny but important issues by examining them on the political, economic, ideological and security levels as they play an important role in the highly charged political atmosphere of the D. R. Congo.

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