We would like to invite scholars who plan to attend the annual congress of the African Studies Association in San Diego, CA (Nov 19-22) to submit proposals of no more than 200 words for a panel on African philosophy titled: “The State of African Philosophy in African Universities”. The panel shall look at the developments in the history of systematic African philosophy beginning from the 1920’s right through the debate, to the contemporary era. The aim shall be to establish the current state of African philosophy in African universities today. What forms of progress have been made? In what ways have scholars advanced the discipline within and outside the class room? What are the current statistics with regards to the number of universities in the Sub Saharan Africa where courses are offered in African philosophy? What is the ratio of these courses to courses offered in Western philosophy? How many courses in African philosophy are offered in the undergraduate and the postgraduate studies? We know that there are a number of universities in Sub Saharan Africa where post graduate degrees are awarded in African philosophy but how many of these universities also award undergraduate degree in African philosophy? To my knowledge, none at the moment awards undergraduate degree in African philosophy. The question is: how can universities award postgraduate degrees in an area where they do not award an undergraduate degree? Presently, the University of Calabar, Nigeria is on course to beginning an undergraduate programme in African philosophy, what would be the social and academic impact of such a programme? Should universities in Sub Saharan Africa float undergraduate programmes in African philosophy? Is there a need for this? Should the Department of African philosophy be separated from the Department of Western philosophy? What is the current rate of research in African philosophy? What is the depth of such researches? What is the rate of their availability and presence? Should philosophy be taught to primary and secondary school students in Sub Saharan Africa? Which philosophy tradition, Western or African? Is it proper for the general studies course in Philosophy offered by every university student in Nigeria to continue to be in Western philosophy? What about scholarly publications? How many of the old journals in African philosophy are still surviving today? How many new ones are springing up? What is the nature of academic publishing standard these journals implement today? What is the rate of scholarly interaction in such journals? What type of conversations do they support, promote and encourage? How many conferences on average are convened in African philosophy each year? How many faculties on average are active in African philosophy in Africa today? Of what social use and intellectual value is the study of African philosophy in Africa? What are the promises? Panelists are expected to address one or some of these issues in their respective submissions. Questions regarding this panel can be directed to the convenor: [email protected] Interested scholars who are sure they will attend the congress should get in touch with the convenor on or before 28th of February 2015. There are a few positions and Panelists will be recruited on first come-first serve basis.