When compared with the pan-European world, the trajectory of state building in Africa is peculiar and almost uniform. With the exception of perhaps one case—Imperial Ethiopia—and maybe another—Liberia—all of Africa’s contemporary states are products of violent European colonial intervention. In each case, that process disrupted indigenous state systems and structures. The state is the engine that drives every institutional and segmental components of society and their associated activities. Thus, those legacies still impact the courses of state transformation and myriad other socio-economic activities in African societies with serious implications and consequences. This panel solicits abstracts for sessions to examine issues on the subject matters from different perspectives and ramifications that will proffer solutions and suggestions that could be adopted for actionable causes. Submissions will be received in the following and all related areas:

Colonial State building in Africa

Legacies of State building in Africa

Contemporary African States and the Burdens of Colonial Legacies

State Transformation and Elections in Africa

Tackling the Legacies of the Colonial State in Africa

The Political Economy of State Transformation in Africa

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Note: Completed papers from the panel will be published as a collection after the conference.