South Africa is regarded as the most influential country in Sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of foreign direct investments, trade and incoming migration South Africa is a dominant economic player. In addition, the country is a political driving force in the African Union (AU), AU peace missions, foreign aid, regional initiatives (e.g. NEPAD) and potential impacts on governance in countries of the region (e.g. Zimbabwe).

On a global level, a number of debates are focusing on the emerging role of middle income countries like China, India and Brazil; South Africa is the only African country belonging to this new cluster. This dynamic country group is regarded as a distinct feature of a new global landscape. Emerging powers were successful in creating an innovative forum of the most influential countries of the world (G20) and in establishing a new format (BRICS group – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). However, country characteristics, national interests and perceptions of emerging powers are not homogenous at all.

The proposed panel will look at the specific role of South Africa for the region and the global level.

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