Though vaguely defined and in various ways, it is widely acknowledged that political institutions (or governance) underpin much of the difference in the growth performance of economies. However, we remain remarkably ignorant about how and what type of political institutions influence economic growth. An example is the existence of states with both democratic and authoritarian regimes that registered either a significant rise in growth or decline in growth. Attempts to address dilemmas like this have been very limited in the literature. This panel attempts to provide theoretical frameworks and empirical studies that look at this relationship between political institutions and economic growth in Africa and other regions. Please submit your abstracts for consideration if your study falls into the following major themes:

  •  Politics and Economic performance
  • Property rights and economic performance
  •  Rule of law and economic performance
  •  Political regimes and economic development
  •  Local political institutions and resource allocation
  •  Elite Capture and economic policy making
  •  Governance and accountability frameworks

Related topics will be considered for the panel. Please email your works to [email protected]