We seek a third and potentially a fourth panelist to join our discussion of researching the dynamics of networks in African history. The aim of this panel is to present case studies that open a dialogue about networks that are outside or beyond state constructed paradigms. Recent research highlights the multiple forces that shape networks beyond and across ‘modern’ state boundaries – such as economic, ‘ethnic’, linguistic, religious, among many others.

We are interested in how such networks engage or maneuver around state power, language and identity performance – both as dynamics in Africa’s recent history and as methodological challenges for scholars researching these questions in contexts and among subjects shaped by Africa’s recent history with modern states.

We aim that our combination of papers will encourage dialogue on these questions between both recent postcolonial and earlier precolonial eras of African history. While we both will present on East African cases (20th century and pre-17th century respectively), we particularly welcome papers from other regions of the continent and/or the Diaspora along with papers presenting on new research projects.

If interested in joining us, please send a draft of your paper abstract to both Cymone Fourshey ([email protected]) and Andrea Seligman ([email protected]) by March 12, 2015. We will then jointly coordinate finalizing our panel abstract and submitting our proposal.