For those who plan to attend the 2015 African Studies Association (ASA) annual meeting in San Diego, CA (Nov 19-22), I strongly encourage you to submit paper abstracts of no more than 200 words for a panel provisionally entitled, “Governance outside of the State in Africa”. While the state remains the center of analysis in most discussions about governance, in the developing country context, there are many other actors that contribute to what is traditionally thought of as good governance. Non-government organizations provide goods and services to communities on their own or in partnership with the government. Private corporations, through corporate social responsibility, involve themselves in a range of activities normally associated with the state. International actors step into crisis situations to exert types of control normally undertaken by the state. And, traditional authorities often act as the main governance actor in areas beyond the reach of the state.

As these various other forms of governance become evident, it is important to understand the causes and consequences of governance outside of the state. I welcome submissions on a range of topics that look at non-traditional forms of governance in the African context as well as potential ways to study and measure the effects of non-state actor governance.

Please send your proposal abstracts to [email protected] by March 10th.