AfricaNow! The African Studies Association (ASA) is excited to continue to feature in 2019 our AfricaNow! format, in response to the need to accommodate emerging issues on our program.  These sessions will feature content that focuses on late-breaking issues that emerged subsequent to the close of the ASA CFP on March 15, 2019. The sessions can be proposed as group discussions (with no more than five presenters), individual presentations, or memorials. AfricaNow! proposals must be received no later than 5 pm EST, on Monday, September 30.

Please ensure that your AfricaNow! session submission meets the following criteria:

  • The topic must relate directly to current events that involve Africa, as well as the Annual Meeting’s theme
  • All of AfricaNow! organizers and presenters must register for the Annual Meeting when notified of acceptance.

You will be asked to submit a basic title, an abstract that describes the session and confirms its timeliness, the format, the names and affiliations of each presenter, the start time, and the duration of the session. You preferred time slot will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please note that these sessions will not be peer-reviewed and submissions of formal panels and papers will not be accepted in this format. The participation rules do not apply to AfricaNow! sessions. Presenters who are already on the program may submit proposals. Abstracts that were already submitted prior to the submission deadline cannot be resubmitted for AfricaNow! consideration. All requests for sessions will be reviewed by the ASA Secretariat for general appropriateness. Additional time slots in the room will be held for last-minute issues that arise in the days leading up to the meeting.  AfricaNow! room will be equipped with theatre-style seating, a head table, and a video projector.