June 8, 2020

The African Studies Association (ASA), founded in 1957 in the United States and the largest membership-organization of scholars about Africa globally, supports the statement by the Ghana Studies Association (GSA) commenting on the Ghanaian government’s proposed Public University Bill. The GSA is an associate organization of the ASA.

The GSA statement can be read here.

The GSA is a membership-organization of scholars of Ghana from all around the world, and whose current leadership and many of its members are based in public universities in Ghana. The President of the GSA, Nana Akua Anyidoho is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) of the University of Ghana, while the Treasurer, Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang, is a lecturer at the English Department of the University of Ghana.  The GSA, in its own words, produces research that engages with Ghana and its people in productive ways and as such are, therefore, an association that has scholarly and existential interests in the proposed Public University Bill.

In summary, the GSA criticizes the Bill for being unconstitutional, unnecessary and harmful to the future of public universities in Ghana. The GSA argues that the Bill will “cumulatively will give the Government of Ghana unwarranted control of the educational sector.” It joins the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences in calling for the complete rejection of the Bill.

Ato Quayson, President

Abdul Tejan Cole, Executive Director