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Individual Member Advocacy

Below is a selection of ASA Member Op-Eds and media appearances. Their statements reflect their own advocacy viewpoint, and not necessarily the viewpoint of the ASA Board of Directors. Current members may submit an op-ed for inclusion via email at members@africanstudies.org. Members and Coordinate Organizations have the right to petition the ASA to support an advocacy issue.
ASA members can apply for the ASA Advocacy Travel Award, which awards travel subsidies to ASA members to attend policy and funding advocacy conferences in Washington, DC. Short personal essays on member experiences funded by the ASA Advocacy Travel Award are included in the list below.

Statement Against the Persecution of LGBTIQ+ Ghanaians Under the Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021 by Benjamin Lawrance, Dennis Laumann, and 100+ signatories
What Americans across the political spectrum got wrong about the attempted insurrection: The idea of American greatness is rooted in a global history of anti-Black racism by Corrie Decker and Elisabeth McMahon, Washington Post, Made By History Perspectives
Condemnation of US Coup Attempt // Condamnation de la Tentative de Coup d’État Américain by William G. Moseley

‘Could the Police Kill Me, Too?’ My Young Son Asked Me by Carina Ray, New York Times, Opinion

Stephen Davis, University of Kentucky, National Humanities Alliance Conference
Rita Keresztesi, University of Oklahoma, Consortium of Social Science Associations Conference
Eric J. Schmidt, Boston University, Coalition for International Education Conference
Sarah Stefanos, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Consortium of Social Science Associations Conference

Emily Riley, University of Kansas, National Humanities Alliance and Coalition for International Education Conferences
Julia Cummiskey, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, National Humanities Alliance Conference
Joseph Kweku Assan, Brandeis University, Consortium of Social Sciences Associations Conference 
Joanna Tague, Denison University, National Humanities Alliance Conference
Joseph Hellweg as a guest on the podcast The Rotunda
Joseph Hellweg in the Tallahassee Democrat
Joseph Hellweg in The Reflector
Beth Elise Whitaker and Christopher Day in The Washington Post
Tim Longman in CambridgeCore Blog
M. Neelika Jayawardane in Al Jazeera 
Anene Ejikeme in the San Antonio Express News