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AASP Dues & Meeting Registration

Association of African Studies Programs (AASP) Dues & Meeting Registration

  • If your institution is already an ASA Institutional Member for the calendar year you can select “no membership” below. If you wish to pay AASP institutional dues but will not have a representative attending the AASP Spring Meeting, please select 0 registrations. For questions, contact the ASA at members@africanstudies.org


  • If different from above

  • Press the + on the right side to add more than one attendee.

  • Each registration is for attendance to the AASP Spring Meeting. Registration covers venue, catering, and material costs. Please select the number of registrations your department or center requires.
  • All ASA Institutional Members automatically pay this fee. If you wish to become an ASA Institutional Member you can contact ASA at members@africanstudies.org and select “no membership” for this question.
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